Blue christmas

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!!!
How I love this tree! It is pre-lit and takes no time to put up. I use ribbon and ornaments that coordinate with the decor in my house. I used very inexpensive ball ornaments and sparkly snowflakes purchased from target, along with crystal like stars/snowflakes and wired ribbon from Michael’s craft store for the bulk of the filler. I also have antique and heirloom glass ornaments sprinkled in. Clear glass ball ornaments are also tucked into the tree to create subtle sparkle. I try to keep the palette down to 3 colors and create visual interest by using different textures and materials and use lots of sparkle!

To create the cascading ribbon look, i simply start at the top of the tree. Take your wired ribbon and secure it on one of the branches( it is easy because of the wire, you can just kinda clamp it on). Make sure the ribbon is still on the spool because this helps to maintain the curl created from being rolled up tight. Now slowly unwind as you go down making sure to tuck part of the curl into or on a branch. this helps to secure the strand from simply drooping and eventually loosing the desired shape. Once you get to the bottom, just do the same going up. I don’t cut the ribbon because it is easier to store as one piece and its an extra step i don’t want to take! 😉 It’s not as daunting once you get the hang of it… 😀

Now the fun part! Grab the kids, your SO, a friend, or if you’re like me….super anal about the placement of ornaments so you get the kids their own tree to decorate haha, just do it yourself! 🙂




My Nutcracker inspired DIY glitter ballerina stocking

My Nutcracker inspired DIY glitter ballerina stocking

I was on pinterest today and came across the cutest felt ballerina stocking from Martha Stewart. So being the only lady in a houseful of boys I decided to make myself this cute girly sparkly stocking. ^__^

Smartphone dependency

iPhone. What would I do without you? I have become so dependent on this thing I would feel incomplete if I lose it again. Tragically, while on vacation in Barbados my phone was misplaced. :-/
I was so upset that I didn’t enjoy my trip as much as I should have. Also considering that I just literally came off of the plane from Miami to Detroit and didn’t sync it in months just to lose it the night we arrive in Barbados! Gggrrrr. It still irritates me to this day!

Now as I nurse my babe I use my smartphone to kill time and multitask. It’s hard to imagine life without it and life before smartphones. How did we manage to function!? Haha

Saturday night

Another Saturday has managed to escape my need to be productive. My to do list has grown so long it is starting to be stressful. I did send Kael out to pick up another garment steamer from Macy’s. My previous one was left behind during the move. I am looking at it now as Baeden is crawling all over me. Should I attempt to use it tonight? Nah. Sunday is a good day to do chores. 😉


Add a touch of nature to your page with these hungry little fish.  Watch them as they follow your mouse hoping you will feed them by clicking the surface of the water.

via Fish.

Sweet Potato Pie (via Sweet Pea’s Kitchen)

i will def try this recipe out this weekend! looks great!

Sweet Potato Pie Sweet potato pie is a southern tradition that is served at many holiday feasts here in the United States. It is a wonderful alternative to pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving I made several desserts to choose from at our feast: this amazing sweet potato pie, a pecan pie, and a wonderful pumpkin roll. My husband enjoyed this pie the most, probably because he had never tried a sweet potato pie before. In my house, the holidays are not quite the same wit … Read More

via Sweet Pea's Kitchen