road trip

we are finally home after our yearly family vacation to orange beach, alabama. wow. that drive was a doozy!

we decided to leave in the evening and drive straight through, with the exception of gas, food, and potty breaks. having our 13 month old along for the ride made it a bit crazy so i was delerious by the next morning. this vacation was well deserved and very much needed. My hubby just received a major promotion and has been working crazy long hours at the office and we needed this time to reconnect as a family. anyone who has vacationed with children knows that it is not very relaxing for the parental units so we will be taking our couple vacation later this year. i really want to get back to maui or maybe cabo….

as soon as we arrived my sister had a meal prepared for us and took us out on the boat. the boys were delighted to be out of the car and in the water! i was concerned with my youngest taking to the water but as we now know, he is a natural! he loved every minute of boat and beach time!

we stayed at my sister’s place this year. i love that girl! living a thousand miles away is inconvenient but when we get together it’s like we haven’t missed a beat…







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